Insurance Coverage Litigation

Schaub Law Firm has long represented business insureds with coverage litigation and consulting services nationally and internationally, representing policyholders in all phases of the insurance process. Our professionals have been involved in the development of legal precedents helpful to business insureds in an era of hotly contested insurance coverage disputes.

We specialize in assisting commercial and residential property owners nationally with their insurance claims and other aspects of their property and business. Insurance companies have an incentive to pay you as little as possible to repair or replace your damaged property. This, often times, has the effect of forcing you to find the cheapest contractor for the job; not the best. In many cases, you will have to pay out-of-pocket to make the repairs, make sub-standard repairs, or in some instances not make any repairs at all. Our team consists of experienced construction/insurance experts (both in-house and paid consultants), attorneys, paralegals, client managers, negotiators and staff. When you have an insurable event we will oversee the inspection of the property, have the insurance policy reviewed for coverage information, analyze the damages, assemble data to support findings (prove your loss), have a detailed estimate performed for our client, and provide for the proper advocate to negotiate with the insurance company to settle your claim.

Our law firm is a professional firm with a results only mentality, where our whole goal is to find ways to save or make you money with your property. Other times it’s just needing the solution to a current challenge and performed in a very timely manner. Depending on your property situation or scenario will dictate how we attack the challenge you are having. Because we deal with just about every type of entity out there we have come across property or business situations that we can blend over to your business and make the proper recommendations.

Our Core Business

  • Property Insurance Claims
  • Construction after an insurance loss
  • The effects of taxes on your property
  • Recommendations for your business that will make or save you money

Dealing with the insurance company after an insurable loss is an arena that most businesses or individuals are not used to experiencing. Having the best experts and an advocate on your side when you are dealing with tens of thousands to millions of dollars only makes sense.  Our professional services will eliminate the burden of dealing with the insurance company. Our services substantially reduce the risk of having your insurance adjuster try to give you the run-around. Our services allow you to take care of yourself, your family, and your business while we take care of your claim and your property.

We have a specialized department which can proactively inspect your property after certain weather conditions—at no charge, and provide you with a damage status report.

Our firm was founded because we recognized the need for a specialized firm when it comes to the different approaches that are necessary depending on your individual scenario and what is the best way to handle it.

Types of Losses that we cover:

  • Damage caused by natural disasters
  • Flood Claims (external or internal)
  • Hurricane Claims
  • Wind Claims
  • Hail Claims
  • Fire Claims
  • Vandalism Claims
  • Theft Claims

Complex Insurance Issues

Schaub Law Firm litigators provide counsel on complex issues, such as:

  • Timely notice of claim/occurrence and tender of defense
  • Duty to defend and right to control defense
  • Self-insured retentions, gaps in coverage and overlapping coverages
  • Bad faith claims and claims for extra-contractual damages
  • Insurability of punitive, multiplied and statutory damages
  • “Trigger” of coverage and “allocation of damages” issues in long-tail tort cases

We advise clients regarding coverage for:

  • “Property damage” claims and the effect of business risk exclusions
  • Cyber risk, online trading, e-commerce, digital signatures, certification authorities and registration authorities
  • Privacy, data protection and data security
  • Unfair competition, patent infringement, trademark, copyright and trade secret claims under “advertising injury” coverages
  • Sexual harassment, wrongful termination and discrimination, and the effect of employment-related acts exclusions

Liability Coverage

We handle disputes arising under the full spectrum of liability insurance policies, including:

  • Commercial general liability policies
  • Errors and omissions policies (including professional liability policies for attorneys, physicians, accountants, architects, engineers, realtors and ERISA fiduciaries)
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability policies
  • Employment practice liability policies
  • Specialty lines (including credit insurance, data processing errors and omissions policies, excess-of-SIPC policies, insurance for mass media and sporting event policies)
  • Excess and umbrella policies